A Gnome Monk trying to setup a monastery to brew all the Ale


A lighthearted gnome and brewer or mead. Tomin appears to be of middle age with light greenish brown skin. Tomin traveled from the Known Realms to the Treasure Coast to setup a monastery and recruit others to serve, his well, brewery.

As a monk, tomin exhibits very little piety except for the most obvious occasion and when he needs to sell his monk lifestyle to others for persuasion. Those that come to know him well realize that he is less of a monk and more of a marketer for Trappist style mead and brandy. Trappist in taste style, not Trappist in need to take a vow of silence and let your product speak for itself style.

Well traveled merchants and mercers especially will notice that his monk’s robes are not made of the typical plain cloth and rope belt fashion, but are actually silk lined for what is basically the most comfortable pair of plain brown pajamas ever seen in the new world. His belt is exceptionally sturdy for a monk. Monks typically are seen with light rope belts for modesty. Tomin’s belt is made to look like that style but definitely reinforced for more securely holding larger coin purses.



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