So you got tired of being a simple peasant farmer.

Congratulations and Welcome. Just remember adventuring has certain dangers that the average farmer or local blacksmith would have never ran into. When was the last time you heard of a inn keeper running into the lair of a powerful dragon? When was the last time you heard of a shop boy delving into a cavernous dungeon?

Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. While IRL you can only count on death and taxes. As an adventurer there are things worse than death (but keep a blank character sheet JIC)

About this campaign.

The world is vast and unexplored. Well 1 continent is designed with 2 Major kingdoms and several cities and towns. This leaves plenty of room for your character’s backstory to directly effect the world. The world is of typical mid-range fantasy flavor.

The perfect group:
Kinda like the a geeky beer league softball team, with out having to deal with t uniforms having Dave’s crappy cleaning business logo on it because he needed a tax credit. It’s more than safe to be around the family, but when the team is left alone we kinda devolve into pirates (minus the whole rape aspect, but pillaging is accepted). The group would also be willing to rotate hosting to prevent the massive “people are about to come over clean up” from being a weekly hassle just one person has to deal with.

Currently Looking for 4-5 players to start this new campaign. This is not an online campaign. DM is located in Norcross GA, Gwinnet County. Players within reasonable driving distance (45min/15miles) please respond to the the reddit/r/lfg post here:


tpkhappens Dungeon1