Session 0 (-1)

Planning to Plan

Campaign created on Obsidian Portal.
LFG post on /r/lfg.

Looking to find 4-5 players.

Back Story and World Info

As individual adventurers nothing so far has brought you together. As level 1’s your skills are anemic, your knowledge of the world is limited.

Use the following to help guide your character’s creation, focus on a backstory, on the motivations of your character. Don’t worry about starting equipment or stats. Those will be taken care of during Session 0. This world, and the game I intend to run are narrative driven and rules light. However, just because it is “rules light” doesn’t give your character the ability to cast 1000 magic missiles while maintaining 2 concentration spells. We will still role for stats, and generally 5thEd rules apply. House rules will mostly likely adapt with the group over time, but will include:

  1. No chaotic stupid
  2. The group should generally work together (strongly suggested)
  3. Don’t be a dick
  4. Having a beer while playing is fine, being drunk generally violates rule 3
  5. Tieflings and Half-orcs are considered evil and most populations will treat them as criminals (ie a city might authorize that Tieflings be hung from the gates when captured or that half-orcs are to pay for the crimes of full orc raiders that have attacked the city before)
  6. No one likes Dragon-born, they are not considered criminals, but they have a hard time making friends.
  7. Bird people, cat people and other esoteric races outside of the players handbook do not exist
  8. others may be invoked at anytime

Bards have been telling stories of mighty hero’s who have set out to tame the unknown, of those who have found fortune, fame and power. The stories are often dismissed as fairy tales. At a certain age parents start to try and explain away the mysteries to their children in much the same way that a child eventually learns of Santa. Parents want their children to work hard and help to grow the family business. Pursuits like increasing the crop yield, expanding a stores client base, or simply continuing on in a small sweaty blacksmith shop are the dreams of parents. Forgoing the norm and becoming adventurers does not sit well with most parents.

Some adventurers may have returned home after a short amount of time, only to leave again. Once the call to adventuring captures your spirit there is little else that can be done to calm the soul. Most of the drunks and derelicts found in the new world are the ones who quit adventuring and gave up on achieving there dreams (or maybe they just took an arrow to the knee).

Regardless of your background, becoming an adventurer was a way to get beyond the mundane. The call to adventuring was strong enough to get you to leave a safe and secure life. A life that would have had security. A life that would have pleased your family. While you have not found success or glory yet, you have managed to stay alive. Currently you have found your way to a small town called Pathstow.

Pathstow is a small inland town in the Treasure Coast region of the new world. Your knowledge of the area is pretty limited but you know the Drelk River bridge is on one edge of Pathstow. Pathstow is generally the first or final stop of when heading to/from New Mercer. The Mercer Road, is a heavily trafficked and well maintained road between the Drelk River and New Mercer. Being a crossroads town, basic supplies and sundries are easy to find. However finer goods and services are generally reserved for the markets of New Mercer.

On the west bank of the Drelk river is a road that connects the small coastal village of Drelkenridge through the city of Pathstow to the village of Toby’s Bend. The River road is not as well traveled or guarded as the Mercer Road.


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